Nonprofit Board Speed Dating

Nonprofit Board Speed Dating connects people in the community who are interested in serving on nonprofit boards with nonprofits seeking qualified board or board committee members.  Nonprofit boards provide the opportunity to become more deeply involved with an issue or program you care about while investing in your community and the people who live in it, collaborating with others who share your values and interests, broadening your leadership skills, and expanding your personal and professional networks.

How Nonprofit Board Speed Dating works:

  • Candidates and nonprofits complete an application.
  • Prior to the event, candidates will be sent the websites, mission statements, and basic board information/requirements from the participating nonprofits.  Similarly, nonprofits will be sent basic information on each candidate, although no personal contact information will be provided at this time. This information is taken from the applications and is used to help candidates and nonprofits familiarize themselves with each other in order to maximize their speed dating rounds.
  • Candidates will “date” six to eight nonprofits in 10-minute rounds.
  • Candidates will complete a form at the end of the event asking if they would like a follow-up conversation with any of the nonprofits.  If so, the candidate’s application (which includes their contact information) will be sent to the nonprofits they expressed an interest in talking with further.
  • Nonprofits will contact interested candidates to schedule a meeting to further discuss board membership or other volunteer opportunities.

Benefits to Nonprofits include access to enthusiastic, skilled, and diverse candidates who want to make a difference in the community; reduced time and resources spent on recruiting board members–resulting in improved organizational efficiency in filling leadership needs; and, exposure to candidates outside of the “usual” recruiting circles.

Benefits to Candidates include the ability to create a positive impact by contributing enthusiasm and expertise to an organization that needs help addressing community needs;  the opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals toward a common goal; ability to broaden professional and leadership skills while learning about nonprofit governance; and, expansion of personal and professional networks in the community.

Nonprofit Board Speed Dating is a part of the Project Blueprint Board Leadership Training program and is available to nonprofits and companies upon request.  Nonprofits seeking board members are also encouraged to post openings along with skills/interest preferences on our volunteer portal.

For more information and the cost for this service, please contact the Program Director.