Leadership and organizational development are critical for nonprofits to fulfill their mission and remain sustainable; however, cost and access to traditional sources of funding are often barriers for smaller and grassroots organizations—particularly those led by and serving communities of color/minority groups.  While these nonprofits play an essential role in helping the communities they represent, they often have the greatest need when it comes to developing their own organizations.

BUILD (Building Up Initiatives and Leadership Diversity) is designed to provide nonprofits led by and serving a majority of people of color/minority groups with access to capacity building skills (technical, leadership, and organizational,) resources, peer networking, and funding to strengthen their leadership and organization’s ability to serve their constituents and become more sustainable.

BUILD participants will:

  • Participate in regular meetings over the course of a year that focus on topics pertaining to nonprofit leadership, management and operations.  The day, time, and frequency of the meetings (a minimum of twleve) will be determined by the cohort.  Participants must attend 80% of the meetings decided upon to receive the program activity stipend.  Meetings are anticipated to begin in March, 2023.
  • Create an action plan that defines their organization’s capacity building goals.  The action plan will be shared with HandsOn NWNC to ensure alignment with the BUILD program’s focus on capacity building activities, recognizing that the nonprofit may update or revise their plans based on the changing needs of their organization.
  • Receive a program activity stipend of $10,000 to implement the goals/activities identified in their action plan.  The funds must be used for technical, leadership and organizational development, and allow each nonprofit the flexibility to customize spending based on their organization’s unique capacity building needs.

Eligibility.  BUILD is open to any nonprofit Executive Director who is a person of color and whose nonprofit primarily serves people of color/minority groups.  Nonprofits must have their 501(c)3 designation and be located in or primarily deliver programs/services to Forsyth County residents. Since the focus of the program is to assist smaller and grassroots nonprofits, organizations must have an average annual budget of $250,000 or less over the past three years.  Participants must also agree to the attendance, program activity stipend, and reporting requirements outlined in this description.  Current and previous participants of other stipend programs are ineligible.

Reporting.  BUILD participants will identify how their program activity stipends have been spent and whether those activities have helped the organization fulfill its mission and serve its constituents more efficiently and effectively.  Testimonials demonstrating progress are encouraged.  No written reports will be completed; rather, BUILD participants will be contacted at regular intervals throughout the program to attend meetings or phone calls with HandsOn NWNC to collect reporting information.  In addition to evaluating overall program impact, the information collected will help build a data base of resources for future nonprofits with similar needs and identify trends that guide the development of HandsOn NWNC’s capacity building work.

Apply here.  Applications are due February 3, 2023.  This is a competitive program and space is limited.  Participating nonprofits will be selected by a committee and applicants will be notified whether or not they will participate.

“I truly appreciate the BUILD PROGRAM because it gives you an initial understanding of what a nonprofit is. Based off each course you’re able to figure out what you’re doing wrong, right, or what you can be doing better. The build program does exactly what it stands for…. Building a foundation for a successful nonprofit.”

“BUILD changed my life. I would have never understood the functions and importance of all parts of nonprofit work without this initiative. I felt truly supported as a new Executive Nonprofit Director. I plan on applying everything. I appreciate the time professional took to share their expertise. It made a deeper impact by being taught by people that looked like me. I built was able to relationships with community leaders, and cohorts that will last a lifetime! Thank you!”

For more information, contact the Program Director.