Elevating Your Service Experience

Customer service isn’t just for businesses!  Every nonprofit has clients, donors, and volunteers.  Treating them with a customer service mindset can make a critical difference in attracting new and repeat “customers” who help sustain the organization—whether by using your programs/service, making a financial donation, or volunteering their time.  Through simple techniques, you can heighten your communication and connection with clients, donors, volunteers—even other staff—to elevate your service experience and increase your organization’s longevity.

This workshop includes peer sharing and highly interactive improv activities designed to develop communication skills and effectively manage challenging situations.  Leave with:

  • Tools to implement immediately
  • Reflective practices for you and your staff
  • Peers with whom you can share information and ideas

**This class qualifies to earn credits towards the Certified Administrator of Volunteers in North Carolina (CAVNC) credential**

  • “Worthwhile—practical suggestions along with many things to take back and think about.”
  • ” A great way to reassess your idea of good customer service/hospitality.”
  • “The topics were relatable and relevant.  We were able to practice and apply them in the interactive activities.”

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For more information, contact Kathy Davis.