Volunteer Engagement Training Program

The Volunteer Engagement Training Program (VETP,) developed by Points of Light  and its HandsOn Network affiliates, is a series of six, half-day courses that provides a comprehensive understanding of the components of a volunteer program. Volunteer administrators and anyone who has responsibility for recruiting, coordinating, or managing volunteers will benefit from the interactive curriculum, which is based on the latest research and best practices in the industry.



Understanding Volunteering: Exploring the Heart of the Volunteer Sector

  • Current volunteer trends
  • Characteristics of effective volunteer programs
  • Volunteer motivation models

Planning: Building a Solid Foundation

  • Conducting basic needs assessments
  • Developing a purpose statement, policies and budget
  • Creating appropriate volunteer positions
  • Developing position descriptions
  • Volunteer risk management



Recruiting and Placement: Matching Volunteer Skills with Service

  • Developing and implementing a targeted recruitment strategy
  • Crafting a volunteer recruitment message
  • Interviewing, screening, and matching technique

Training and Orientation: Achieving Service Excellence 

  • Difference between orientation and training
  • Assess training needs
  • Develop effective volunteer training strategy
  • Effective training delivery



Supervision: Maximizing the Volunteer Experience

  • Defining and communicating expectations
  • Dealing with difficult volunteers
  • Developing volunteer work plans
  • Recognizing volunteers

Evaluation: Improving Results Using Data and Feedback

  • Benefits and purpose of evaluation
  • Steps to developing and implementing an evaluation plan
  • Levels of evaluation
  • Deciding what to evaluate
  • Methods for evaluation
  • Introduction to logic model
  • Communicating results to constituents

Credential. Each class qualifies to earn credits towards the Certified Administrator of Volunteers in North Carolina (CAVNC) credential.

Cost. Per Class: $55/person; HandsOn NWNC Supporting Partners and PRAVA members pay $45/person.
All classes: $275/person; HandsOnNWNC Supporting Partners and PRAVA members pay $225/person.  If you are unsure as to whether your organization is a Supporting Partner, please check Join/Give Now on our website or call 336-724-2866.  If payment is a barrier to this training, please contact us. This particularly applies to small, grassroots organizations and those led by people of color.

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“Gives you different perspectives on creating/making an effective volunteer program.”
“Provides great general knowledge on creating and maintaining an effective volunteer management program.”

For more information, contact the Program Director.