Capacity Building Activities

The program activity stipend will be used to develop the organizational, management/governance, and staff capacity (technical skills, strategies, systems, and structures) that strengthen a nonprofit’s ability to serve its constituents, increase impact, and become more sustainable.

Capacity Building Activities include:

  • organizational assessments
  • leadership and management training
  • board training/development
  • board/ED coaching
  • staff and volunteer development
  • strategic planning
  • succession planning
  • consulting for specific areas of organizational development (for example: financial, human resources, program design, project management, program evaluation, risk management, team building, fund raising, communication/outreach, web development, information technology, marketing, technical and other areas;)
  • equipment, and software purchases necessary to the function of the nonprofit, including research and data collection

The program activity stipend should not be considered unrestricted general operating support to pay rent, utilities, phone, office supplies, cleaning supplies, and salaries.  These are considered general operating costs and support items needed to sustain day to day operations.  Funds cannot be used for endowment or capital campaigns, deficit or debt financing, or for re-granting to someone else/another organization.  Program activity stipends also cannot be used for any expense prohibited by the Internal Revenue Service, including directly or indirectly participating in or intervening in any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for an elective public office.