Employee/Group Service Opportunities

HandsOn NWNC knows that community involvement can have a big impact on the bottom line as both customers and employees look for companies that have a proven track record of social responsibility.  Benefits to your company include:

-Most effective way to connect your employees to their local communities
-Boost employee morale and performance
-Recruit and retain the best talent
-Strengthen your community reputation in the community
-Create opportunities for leadership training and team building

HandsOn NWNC provides a range of offerings at a reasonable cost for groups, including businesses and corporations seeking engagement with the nonprofit sector. Whether you are looking to expand or enhance employee volunteer activities, prepare associates to serve as effective members on local board of directors, or want to create a one-time, service-based team building activity, we are uniquely positioned to help make community engagement “work” for business.

HandsOn NWNC can help you create projects in the following ways:

Community ConnectionsFREE!
We can connect you to nonprofits that tend to work well with groups, although there is no guarantee that they will have a project that meets your specific criteria.  All follow-up will be the responsibility of you and your team.

Matchmaking ServiceMinimum $50
We send out requests for projects based on your organization’s focus area and other criteria to our entire network of more than 400 nonprofits for possible project ideas.  We will then generate a list of service project sites that meet your criteria.  You will then choose the options that are most interesting to you.  Your team will plan and execute the project.  This process usually takes approximately two weeks of turnaround to get you a customized list.  This option can save significant time on the front end as you know that every organization on the list has a project that would accommodate your size and schedule, as well as any unique requests (like being able to bring children as well as adults to the project.)

Customized Development and Management-Minimum $1,000/ Negotiated on a Per-Project Basis
Don’t have time to make all those phone calls and handle all of the logistics of a service day yourself? Then leave all the planning to us! We’ll design, execute and evaluate a service project that addresses the interest areas, values and goals of your organization.  Costs are usually done on a per-person basis; project supplies are additional. All you and your team need to do is show up at the designated time and place, ready to serve!

Let us give you a hand!  To start planning, please contact us with the date, time, age range, group size, budget, and other needs of your group and we’ll get back in touch with you to discuss ways we can help.


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