Volunteer Engagement Training Program

**This program is funded by an ARPA grant through Forsyth County for 2024/2025 and has a discounted rate for small to medium-sized nonprofits (budgets under $750,000) that primarily serve vulnerable, low-income, and marginalized populations disproportionately impacted by Covid.** 

By registering at the $10/person rate, you certify that you meet the eligibility criteria and agree to fulfill the requirements on the registration page.  Registration is limited to one person per organization for the ARPA rate.

Regular rates apply to all others, except VETP/VMTS alums.

The Volunteer Engagement Training Program (VETP,) developed by Points of Light and its HandsOn Network affiliates, is a series of six modules that provide a comprehensive understanding of the components of a volunteer program. Volunteer administrators and anyone who has responsibility for recruiting, coordinating, or managing volunteers will benefit from the interactive curriculum, which is based on the latest research and best practices in the industry.  A seventh module, Equitable Environments for Volunteers, is an optional session.

Module 1 Establishing the Framework

  • Describe volunteerism and its role in civic life today
  • Apply a volunteer-centered framework to volunteer engagement
  • Identify elements of volunteer engagement
  • Explore barriers to and motivators for volunteer engagement

Module 2 Planning for Volunteer Engagement

  • Describe the many steps of volunteer engagement
  • Learn how to conduct a Volunteer Engagement Assessment
  • Consider risk when deciding how to engage volunteers
  • Identify resources and support needed to effectively engage volunteers

Module 3  Opportunities and Outreach 

  • Examine trends in volunteerism and how they might inform opportunities and outreach
  • Develop position descriptions with a Volunteer Experience Lens
  • Explore targeted recruitment concepts and consider potential audiences
  • Develop an Outreach Strategy.

Module 4 Intake and Onboarding 

  • Define techniques for screening, interviewing and matching volunteers with positions
  • Describe the difference between and importance of orienting and training volunteers and staff
  • Design effective volunteer orientation
  • Assess training needs and design training to equip volunteers and staff

Module 5 Supervision and Support

  • Articulate the benefits of supporting and supervising volunteers
  • Design and implement strategies for volunteer supervision and support
  • Explore causes of and options for addressing volunteer performance problems
  • Identify effective ways to reward and recognize volunteers

 Module 6 Evaluation

  • Build a foundation for evaluating volunteer engagement
  • Recognize the difference between Program Evaluation and Stakeholder Evaluation
  • Explore Impact Statements, Mutual Feedback, and Stakeholder Satisfaction Surveys to improve outcomes for volunteers, staff, and the organization as a whole

Credential. Each class qualifies to earn credits toward the Certified Administrator of Volunteers in North Carolina (CAVNC) credential.

Cost. $10/person for ARPA-eligible organizations.  For organizations that are not eligible for the ARPA rate, the cost is $275/person.  For HandsOn NWNC Supporting Partners, the cost is $225/person.   See Upcoming Events for future class dates.

“Gives you different perspectives on creating/making an effective volunteer program.”
“Provides great general knowledge on creating and maintaining an effective volunteer management program.”

For more information, contact the Program Director.